1. Origin

    The CFA designation is the original program for investment analysts, designed and administered by the Association for Investment Management and Research (AIMR) of the USA and used in many countries.

    The CISA designation was patterned after the CFA by the Securities Analysts Association in Thailand, with AIMR’s kind and generous assistance, to offer the same high standards of training in investment analysis with a program adapted to meet local conditions.

  2. Language used

    While the CFA exams and answers are in English, those of CISA are in Thai, so there is no language handicap.

    As most Thais with strong analytical skills are not completely fluent in English and there is no time for translation during CFA exams, having the exams being in Thai is important to them.

  3. Expertise in Thai regulations and ethics

    The CISA curriculum includes a module in Thai regulation (at level 1), and candidates are tested on SAA’s Code of Ethics and Professional Standards (which has been translated and adapted from that of AIMR with their kind permission).

CISA Examination and CISA/CFA Review Courses
On 24 August 2004, Securities Analysts Association transferred the operation of CISA to Thailand Securities Institute (TSI), a subsidiary of the SET, then, conducts review programs and examination. Successful candidates can register their CISA designation with SAA. More information visit www.tsi-thailand.org (in Thai)

    The CIIA is the first global professional qualification for financial analysts and investment professionals.

CIIATM was established by many of the world’s leading bodies for finance and investment professionals among the societies in Europe, Asia and South America to help career-minded professionals to work in any international financial center, and is well worth looking into.

For more information, please contact us: nittaya@saa-thai.org or see more details in www.aciia.org

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