History and Developments

The Securities Analysts Association (SAA) is a not-for-profit juristic person whose mission is to make our country more credible to investors through raising the standards of financial analysts and their working environment in Thailand.

SAA was formed in 1990 by The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), the predecessor of the Association of Securities Companies, and The Asia Foundation. Dr. Maruey Phadoongsidhi, then President of the SET, was SAA's founding Chairman. Dr. Panas Simasathien, Finance Minister in the Anand II government, became SAA Chairman in 1993 and was re-elected for a fifth term in April 2001. Khun Chavalit Thanachanan was elected as chairman in 2003.

SAA has always played an important role in the international arena. In 1992, SAA was elected to Chair of the first task force of the Asian Securities Analysts Council (ASAC) to create a regional education program. Mr. Vicharat Vichit-Vadakan, SAA Deputy Chairman, was elected Chairman of ASAC (which later became the Asian Securities Analysts Federation, with 13 member societies representing their respective regions or countries throughout Asia-Oceania), and was succeeded by then-SAA Chairman Dr. Panas Simasathien in this position for 1999-2001.
SAA's Membership

SAA owes its continued success to the strong and unflagging support of its members, most of whom are individuals and companies related to the investment business and others who realize the importance of attracting long-term investment to Thailand.

The list of institutions includes:

Listed Companies
Mutual Fund Firms
Securities Houses

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